I was very sceptical at first but began to trust in Maxine and her team and together they helped me achieve amazing results! It’s the fastest working and most effective exercising I have done and it complements my healthy lifestyle.
– Sharon Brown, age 46
My name is Marcia and I am 62 years old. I have been coming to my rolling sessions for the past 6 months. So much positive things have been happening for me, but my biggest one was my swollen ankles as I was not able to even wear normal shoes. Now for the first time in years I brought from a normal high street shop. I am ecstatic!
- Marcia Reid
My name is Simone and I have been coming to MPA for the last year. I started as a size 12 and now I am a size 8. The main thing I have changed in my diet is a now drink plenty of water which and now having smaller portions of food. MPA Rolling has become an important part of my life for me and something that I plan to continue with as I enjoy my sessions and have made some great friends. Thank you.
- Simone Murray
My name is Sophia I have been trying to lose weight for years and was told by my hairdresser to try MPA Rolling. I hate going to the gym and was very conscious about how I looked when exercising. When coming to MPA all the woman I met where going through some sort of weight loss program and having results. When I spoken to them, they made it clear for me that this was something I needed to stick to, to see the benefits. Now 2 months on I can see my shape has changed I have lost 2 inches from my waist and now wearing an MPA Jumpsuit which I never thought I would be seen dead in lol.
- Sophia Grant
My name is Stacy and I had a BBL / Brazilian butt lift about 1 year ago. I couldn’t believe after 6 months I noticed my buttocks had dropped and I was very concerned. Because my procedure took place outside of the UK no doctors were interested in helping me and felt that I was over exaggerating regarding my situation. A Flyer was given to me by a friend who attended MPA Rolling and said there was a client there who has had a BBL procedure and the Machines have helped her. I can honestly say, I am very happy with my results, my Buttocks area and thighs are now toned and lifted. I got married 2 months ago and I looked amazing in my dress. MPA Rolling have been incredible…
- Stacy Patel