MPA Rolling Studio innovative equipment is designed to work on specific areas and incorporates 100% Natural Products.

Work smarter not harder


Our weight loss plan and low impact exercising methods are 4 times more effective than traditional exercising and significantly reduces stubborn body fat, cellulite and help with muscle recovery.


MPA Rolling Studio is simply the smarter way to achieve the body shape you dream of with the world-renowned targeted program for a beautiful body. Thousands of women have shed hundreds of pounds / kilos and centimetres / inches and now this system is exclusively available in Brimsdown which is based in Enfield, North London. Finally, you can enjoy your workout with little effort and maximum results using smart machines that are designed to do the work for you!


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I was very sceptical at first but began to trust in Maxine and her team and together they helped me achieve amazing results! It’s the fastest working and most effective exercising I have done and it complements my healthy lifestyle. – Sharon Brown, age 46