MPA Rolling Studio provides the most effective massage device for detoxing your body,
recovering from training, reducing body fat and cellulite.

It works by massaging which stimulates the production of new lymphatic fluids and the extension of lymph vessels.
MPA Rolling Machines uses one of the old remedies from traditional Chinese medicine.

MPA Rolling Machine Benefits


Cellulite Reduction
Fat Reduction
Stress Relief
Body Detox
Weight Loss
Inch Loss
Slims the Body
Improves Skin Texture
Helps with Weight loss
Get rid of Poor Circulation
Enhance Sports Training & Performance
Reduces Scar Tissue & Adhesion



Roll Shaper vs Manual Massage


MPA Rolling Studio has huge advantage over a manual massage. It is cheaper and much more intense- 45minutes to one hour of our massage which is the equivalent of a three hours manual one.


Obviously, the results are achieved much quicker. Our Infrared lights inside the machine are therapeutic and heat your body up softening your tissues. They also help with elasticity and toning at the same time for skin.


Because we are working purely with a machine doing all work there is no possibility of any wrong massage movements which we can guarantee have been totally eliminated. Once you have tried MPA Rolling Machines you will understand why people have made this a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Roller Shaper Workout





Using our Machines, you will feel like you have been to the Gym or just had a very good workout. As you can see from the above there are 18 easy steps to follow on a basic way of using the machines.


Superior results can be achieved when the massages are combined with exercise and healthy diet. It works because you are training your inner muscles while exercising and stimulating the outer muscles during a massage. The lymphatic drainage system through using our Rolling Machines is an effective solution for flabby inner thighs, stomach and arms and much more…


MPA Rolling Studio recommend keeping your body active at least for 20 minutes after each massage. This will keep the circulation of the lymph and prolongs the body detox. If you plan to go to the gym the same day, it is best to do it after the massage. Please also do bear in mind not to eat until 1 hour after using our machines.


Usually the results achieved by our clients are very similar to the ones in the medical research. Of course, everyone is different, and results can be much better when combine with daily exercise and healthy diet etc. The thicker the fatty tissue, the more it reduces. Slimmer women will also benefit from the massage, as it is good for overall well-being, firms the skin, tones up the muscles and reduces cellulite.



If you have been diagnosed for the following conditions:


Heart Disorders
Unregulated Hypertension
Varicose Veins and Ecchymosis

Drinking water


During the procedure it is critical to drink plenty of water. Remember if you feel thirst it means your body is already dehydrated.

Drinking Water

Popular Questions Asked:

When will i start seeing results?

There is no doubt you will feel a little different after you very first session. After your 4 sessions we are confident you will not just feel different but see a difference in your body shape as this is always the first change others will notice for you.

How Long is the Treatment?

MPA Rolling Studio do 30-minute sessions, 45-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions. Depending on the age range and ability of the client. We treat clients from the ages of 16 years old (With parents’ consent) Upwards. Our eldest client we have is 75 years old. Seeing the progress, they have made from us helping them to move around the machines, and now them using the machines with no help at all from any Staff members has been very encouraging.

How Often Can i do this?

We recommend when you start using the Machines at least 2 times a week with at least 1-day rest in between. in the first month it is important that you see results. We can guarantee this if you follow this program for a minimum of 1 month. Once the body is use to being Detoxed through the Lymphatic drainage system you are pretty much free to use it daily but we do recommend a maximum of 3 times per week.

What does the infrared lights do?

Our Infrared lights are great, firstly for tightening the skin and improving skin texture. They also work greatly with improving Cellulite as they help break down fat quickly through drinking plenty of water. Because these lights are so effective it takes at least 2 to 3 sessions before we can put them on for any new customer.

What Clothing Should I wear?

We ask clients to please come in tight fitted clothing so it will not interfere with the rolling barrel, as we want each client to have their full concentration on a smooth rolling session. This way clients do not need to adjust themselves too much when getting into different positions as loose clothing have the tendency to raise up. MPA Rolling Studio have Jumpsuits which we recommend to every client as this eliminates all problems in this area.

Do i Sweat?

Clients will always differ as we are all different ages, body shapes, fitness levels etc; I can honestly say when you first start it is normal to sweat but after a while some do, and some don’t. Because the Machines help balance the hormones, we have noticed that woman in pre or full menopause are likely to sweat a lot more than others.

What are the side effects?

Over the years we have not had any one with side effects. Only two things have come to light which are sore muscles when using the machines for the first time, as well as skin burns when wearing normal bras which have plastic or metal rings as they bring friction to the skin. Therefore it’s always important to wear a sports bra as this will eliminate the problem all together.

Does this improve your metabolism?

Yes, it does! As the machines Detox the body, it also helps the body function at its highest level. Many have explained it as “They are back to feeling themselves again”…